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Why Chouse Us ?


Our experience in international inspection and Survey issues since 2008 and our experienced staff,flag representation in the operation of private yachts , commercial yachts and commercial vessels, representative of class organizations in P&I, H & M, surveillance, insurance and expert fields, absolute neutrality, reliability, privacy and independent survey services in order to provide you with high quality service.


With over twenty years of marine experience and over ten years of insurance experience, with our experienced, young and dynamic staff, we provide fast and high quality service to our esteemed customers around the world with reliable, impartial, independent, professional understanding, 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day, and we are a leader in the sector, a well-known company.


  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing objective, quality, reliable and service at the desired time,

  • To ensure the effective implementation and execution of our management system aiming to evaluate the risks and continuously improve,

  • To create a peaceful and efficient working system and environment in which all stakeholders and parties contribute to each other.,

  • To ensure the formation of participatory and pluralistic management concept and to encourage leadership and participation of our employees in all our processes, to ensure that the necessary trainings are taken.

  • To be sensitive to the environment and the people in all our activities.

Our values

  • Provide you with the highest quality service to our customers.

  • See honesty, transparency, justice, impartiality and respect as fundamental principles.

  • To compete with our competitors in a fair and fair manner by accepting our customers as an important stakeholder in maintaining commercial success.

  • To be respectful of the rights of our employees and to be fair in the decisions taken.

  • To continuously improve the identity of the company, to be transparent and reliable in communication and marketing activities.

  • Paying attention to the privacy of our customers ' data.

  • To give priority to occupational health and safety, environmental issues at all times.

  • To provide quality service and to improve ourselves, we always improve our processes to use technology and ensure that our employees receive the necessary training



FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. to the extent required by the terms of its services. ISO/IEC-17020:2012 “general criteria for inspection bodies” in accordance with the requirements in the framework of the provisions referred to in Annex A, and the following minimum criteria meet.

1. FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. it is independent from the sides of the issue.

2. FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. and personnel are not involved in any activity that may cause conflict with the independence and integrity of the judge regarding the inspection activities they carry out. In particular, they are not in the case of designing, producing, supplying, installing, purchasing, owner, user or maintenance of the items inspected.

3. FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS.* it cannot be a part of a legal entity that designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, buys, owns, or maintains the items inspected.

4. FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. it cannot be linked to a separate legal entity in the case of designing, producing, supplying, installing, purchasing, owner, user or maintenance of the items inspected.:

  • Ownership status of the individual legal entity in question, except that the owners have no power to influence the results of the examination.,

  • The presence of representatives of the members of the board of directors or their equivalent, in the inspection establishment, except that they have no functions that may affect the results of the inspection.,

  • THE FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. the condition of the individual legal entity in question is directly connected to the same upper management level, except that this does not affect the examination results.

  • THE FAREAST MARITIME CONSULTANTS. commitments or other matters connected to the contract that may affect the results of the examination between the individual and the legal entity concerned.

In short, in accordance with the principle of being independent, impartial and honest in the standard, our company attaches importance to the design, production, assembly, supply and use of the products which have been subjected to measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation, or not being directly related to competition conditions. In this context, it is committed to carry out its activities regardless of the size, position, political approach and social status of the enterprises which are serviced, on the basis of scientific assessments and on the basis of equal conditions to all institutions, without considering the interests and without any pressure.


  • Safety 

  • Working satisfaction 

  • Technology usage 

  • Continuous renewal 

  • Employee health and safety 

  • Personnel training

Within the company,we serve with two captains,one Shipbuilding Engineer (agent department manager), and our staff.

We are committed to providing high quality services to our esteemed customers with professional and independent working understanding in the light of our working principles and in accordance with the business instructions given.

FE LOGO 2.png
FE LOGO 2.png
FE LOGO 2.png
FE LOGO 2.png
FE LOGO 2.png
FE LOGO 2.png
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