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CE Certification

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2013/53/Scope of EU cruise ships regulation ;

       The regulation covers all types of travel and sports vessels between 2.5 meters and 24 meters in full length and the components referred to in Annex-2.the regulation covers all types of travel and sports vessels between 2.5 meters and 24 meters in full length. When it is introduced to the market for the purpose of sightseeing, excursion boats used for the training of rental or excursion craft are also within the scope of this regulation. The following are the components of the trip boats:

Fire protection equipment for rear-mounted engines,

Preventative equipment for external motors, which prevents the first movement when the engine is in gear,Rudder belts, rudder mechanisms and cable equipment,

Fuel tanks, fuel pipes and hoses,

Ready-to-use hood and lumbar.

CE Marking and CE certification process

2012/53/EU travel boats regulation defines the modules that the manufacturer can choose depending on the design category and the length of the vessel.

Conformity assessment by taking into account the type, size and selected module of the travel vessel or component to be carried out, it is examined in accordance with the regulation and the related harmonized standards in accordance with the regulation of travel vessels in accordance with the EU regulation 2013/53/;

All necessary tests are carried out by checking the boat or its components on site in terms of compliance with the technical file. After the control, testing and testing are carried out according to the module applied to the product, a report is prepared. In this report, the checks, tests and tests are written; the relevant harmonized standards are specified; and the boat is written with evidence of compliance with these standards.

After evaluating the results and determining the conformity, the applicant is given the right to use CE mark by issuing a Notified Body, EC type Examination Certificate or conformity certificate according to the module applied.

Products and components not included in the EU travel boats directive 2013/53/EU

Including Paddle training boats and paddle racing boats, canoes, skis, gondolas and sea bikes designed and tagged for racing only by the manufacturer,

Sailing skis,

Motor skis, personal sea vehicles and other similar motor boats,

Copies of historic boats designed prior to 1950, produced only from original materials, provided that they are labelled in this way by the manufacturer.,

Boats produced for trial purposes provided that they are not subsequently introduced to the market,

Boats manufactured for their own personal use, provided that they are not offered to the market for five years following their manufacture.,

(A) ships carrying passengers and crew for commercial purposes without prejudice to the first paragraph of this article, in particular those carrying passengers and crew for commercial purposes, which are 15 DWT or older, not for goods carrying a volume of 15 M3 or larger, and which are used to tow or repel boats, including those with less than 15 m3 of displacement,,


Air cushioned boats,

1. this regulation shall enter into force on the date of entry into force of this regulation.

In line with the “CE” certification process within the scope of the travel boats directive, Fareast Maritime certification provides professional services for all of the products covered by the regulation, testing procedures, technical file reviews, inspection and certification processes.

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